Who's up for a brew?

Stretch that back, rest the eyes and ears – anything to get away from the shop floor, the boss, the customers, that desk - those damn screen – phones, tablets, monitors – work’s not good for you right?

It hurts your hands (repetitive stress injury!), your specks (eyes strain!), your back (disk bulge!) – crikey, why do we do it at all!

And that’s why reaching for the kettle and another human being is such a good thing. Whether it’s a Lemon Verbena herbal whole-leaf tea, slowly dried for a fresh and vivid infusion that floats your boat…or a Yorkshire Gold…a brew always helps.

Chief Clothing appreciate a good brew – so why not pimp up your 'drinking-a-hot-beverage' experience with a personalised Chief Mug.

It’s easy! Email the Chief at thechief@chiefgear.co.uk and we can start talking mugs.

The best things in life are free - but the best mugs aren’t – so it’s £10, plus delivery, for one of these beauties.