Sizing up a Chief?

They say size is everything, but it's actually fit that's important. And it can be tricky settling on yours when you're buying clothing online. If it’s too loose, it’ll hang on you like a box and look completely unflattering. If it’s too tight, and you're squeezing into the thing, then where do you put all the beer and pies!

So, The Chief has written down the vitals for the Chief Clothing Range - to help you find the perfect fit and buy with confidence.

Origins 1 - From the original Chief Clothing range, this casual tee doesn't cling too much and has a classic look, It's quite up and down which makes it a really comfy fit. The Chief wears a Large.

Origins 2 - This tee is a new stock item as the Origin 1 stock got discontinued (boo!) but matches the heavier weight of the Origins 1 (Yeah!). It's a tad smaller compared to its sister, the Origin 1, but shape wise will match the look and fit. The Chief goes for a Medium.

Verso - A classic light weight cotton tee, which means it will hang slightly different from the Origins range. Again, not a fitted cut, and more airy than the Origin, due to having a slightly longer sleeve length. The Chief sports a Large.

Bamboo - Because this tee is made from mostly bamboo it makes it smooth and light on the skin. But it's cut means it has a more fitted style. It also has more stretch and give in it than 100% cotton. The Chief wears a Large.

Reborn - This long sleeve 3/4 tee is semi-fitted so it's a good idea to consider the fit under the arm. Too tight and it can be uncomfortable. But boy these are super soft. Great as base layer as well. The Chief enjoys a Large in this one.

Mono - Although another long sleeve 3/4 tee, the Mono is a tad roomier than the Reborn. The Chief goes with a Medium.

Twister - This is a comfy sweatshirt which has a classic cut. Not super tight or anything like that - it just fits and hangs nicely. The Chief does a Large.

Americano - More a of fitted number all around, but go up a size if you're like a bit more room. The Chief wears a Large.

Boomer - This hoodie is built for comfort. It has room but isn’t baggy like some hoodies and has very secure ribbing around the waist. Plenty of length in the arms as well. The Chief likes to relax in a Medium.

Polo - The smart side of a polo with ribbed cuffs on slightly shorter sleeves. Not super fitted. The Chief smartens up with a Medium.

Each product has a size guide on its page so worth checking this out for the full breakdown - but if you have any questions drop a note to

Thanks for reading and happy fitting!