Life! - Minus the 'admin' please

Family and friends – they’re the best, right? Day trips to the beach with the guys from the village; don’t forget the wetsuits and cool box. That birthday lunch with Aunt Betty; I’ll grab the lilies she likes from Tesco. Oh, it’s a soft play party for Timmy’s 5th on Saturday; did you get a card and a present?...Yikes, how do we remember to breathe?!

Even the fun side of day-to-day ‘Life admin’ comes with its pressures. Throw in the work commitments, the bills to pay - How do you keep it all in your head?

Finding space from the everyday pressures of life can be difficult. Where does the brain go for a break from the norm? Having a side project, something different to your family and working life, can really benefit you. But it’s important to not let that become another of life’s worries – it’s supposed to be fun, right?

When Chief Clothing was just a single feather in the headdress, I was struggling with what to do with my ideas. The pressure was building up in my mind, and self-doubt started to set in. Was Chief a good idea? Why would anyone be interested? What if this fails?

I admitted to myself that I needed some help. So I decided to talk to my wife, friends and colleagues about my thoughts and ideas. I let them loose, I put them out there. This really helped to relieve the internal pressures I was putting on myself to fulfil my ambition. Talking and getting feedback and input from others gave me the confidence to take the next step and also helped to clear my thinking. The knock-on effect of this was the positive impact it had on my well-being and mental health.

For me and the team at Chief Clothing having the opportunity to express ourselves and put our (spare) energy into something we’re passionate about and inspired by, has been brilliant.

From time-to-time, we all need support and a helping hand to reach our goals, not matter how big or small they are.

Someone who understands how important it is to be empowered to feel you can reach your potential and ‘talk’ is Paul Brown at Balance Of Wellness. One of Paul’s mantras is ‘it’s never too late to be what you might have been’. His expertise and experience has helped others reach their potential, and even though like me he is just started on a new chapter in his life, I know that If you have a passion or a goal you want to fulfil, and like me, if you’re current thinking “How do I get this moving?” then Paul can help you make that positive change. Don’t just rest on your laurels, if you have a goal, if you have an idea, then work towards achieving that goal and have the best life you can.